Our Story:

With just one airplane and a grand vision, Chris Nowrouzi started offering scenic tours over Toronto with the aim to operate ultra short haul flights around the GTA. He partnered with David Nissan, who also came from an entrepreneurial aviation background and shared Chris’ vision. It was at this point FlyGTA Airlines was born. Over a year later, FlyGTA Airlines operates 8 aircraft in various capacities:

Mission Statement:

To reinvent aviation for a new generation.


Canada is one of the fastest growing developed nations, and has a major gap in its transportation infrastructure, even in its central hubs. Today, options are becoming increasingly limited, and similar growth of aerial infrastructure as cities like New York, and LA is inevitable in Southern Ontario. The conventional connections of ground transportation are becoming a bottleneck in our economic growth. FlyGTA is the first private entity to attack this in Urban Ontario. Helicopter infrastructure will take 25-50 years to develop, what we have created and continue to grow, is the medium between car and helicopters. With our resources being tailored toward time-saving in both leisure and business markets, we have a winning formula which will transform life as we know it. We are ready to put the hard work and dedication to truly change the way Ontario connects. More issues to follow are the lack of infrastructure of major international hubs. Pearson airport is soon to be at capacity, this leaves Toronto to again, to follow the suit of other major cities, and be forced into using secondary airports. The regions of Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Barrie, and London are the beneficiaries of this. FlyGTA has strengths and footholds, in every city, and has major developments in the airports. We plan, as the ripple effect increases, to be the first and in the strongest position to capitalize on this opportunity, as our infrastructure will be already in place.


FlyGTA Airlines considers excellent customer relations and high safety standards paramount to building an airline that provides an unforgettable experience. To achieve these standards, we have a corporate culture based on three core values: Inventiveness: We value inventiveness and all its virtues. As a smaller pioneering company we are required to invent new markets and new experiences, using innovation and creativity to provide the best customer experience as cost effectively as possible. We expect our employees to bring forth ideas and be actively involved in finding better ways to evolve and grow. Integrity: We have built a company that embodies the highest ethical and moral standards. We expect nothing less. Treating our customers with utmost respect and transparency will ensure that we will continue to grow in the future. At the same time, respect for safety is just as important. We will always strive to make sure the customer has the best experience for the best value while adhering to the highest safety standards. Compassion: We appreciate our employees and our customers. Without happy and productive employees, we will not be able to provide the services we desire to allow for happy and satisfied customers. We strive for employee success as that will enable us to succeed and meet our goals.

Founding Team:

Chris Nowrouzi, CEO David Nissan, COO


FlyGTA is constantly adding to our team. If our values fit yours, you want to work in a tech start-up like environment, and you share a passion for aviation, please apply. Send your CV to info@flygta.com. In the subject, write CV and the position you are applying for. We are looking for pilots, AMEs, customer service, sales, and marketing personnel.


We are looking for investors who can bring value to our company and help us grow. If you are interested in partnering with us, please email Chris Nowrouzi (chris@flygta.com) or David Nissan (david@flygta.com).